How I train:

Typically, I use a mix of positive reinforcement and corrections when training, with a greater emphasis on positive reinforcement. In particular, I like marker training, as it really does seem to produce a dog that thinks and problem solves. For corrections, I prefer a prong collar, as it is very easy to get the dog’s attention.

Walking aids:

I find that most of the dogs I have owned over the years hate walking aids such as the Gentle Leader. No matter how I adjust them, all of my dogs seem to make a weird snorting sound when where this time of device. Perhaps I was not fitting them correctly, but I followed the instructions that came with it. They don’t mind easy walk harnesses as much, but they always seem to chaff at the dogs’ armpits even when fit correctly. For this reason, I typically teach them on a regular flat collar or a prong collar. I used a flat collar for Lady and Cooper, and a prong for Raina because that is the only thing that worked to stop her from pulling when she saw cars.

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